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01-31-2010, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by Keadin View Post
I am pointing out that there are currently no paying customers in existence for STO and that people by that logic are in no position to demand or complain. ."
Not to put to fine a point but I believe you are mystaken.

1st, the obvious, life timer subscription have been purchased by many and these are sold directly by cryptic. There's probably a few 12 months subscrition as well.

2nd, a retailer HAS to purchase whatever item he wants to sells before he can sell it to you. Cryptic has already sold all those 'pre-order' game and so, once again, you are incorrect.

The only point where you are correct is that no RECURRING timeplay has been charged yet. Since headstart was included as part of the preorder deal and since lifetimer don't pay a subscription and also had headstart access your point is well... wrong...