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01-31-2010, 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by RedSkull42
I would have to agree... I realize this game is instanced to hell and gone, but what's wrong with Realm Servers?
What is wrong is you thinking they would make a difference. In every MMO ever the login system is one system. That is a point of failure. Then there is the cluster that makes up a particular realm/shard etc that is made up of multiple servers. Any of which can cause local failure.

For example a WoW realm ties into the global login system, the battlegroup wide battleground cluster, and the buttle wide dungeon/raid cluster. And then has a chat/mail server (soon to be global with and four continent clusters.

The point of the STO design is that instead of a continent cluster failure taking the whole continent down, just an instance of that zone will go down. Instead of everyone on the entire battlegroup being locked out of raiding, just an instance will go down.

Now the current problem is most likely in the software which manages the allocation of instances. A problem which would replicate itself even if the cluster was split off into a bunch of realms (which wouldn't allow the same dynamic load balancing). If it is not that then it is the login/auth system that is the cause of troubles and that is always a single point of failure.