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01-31-2010, 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by Oxegen
I don't pay a game company to queue.

Fix the queues or lose customers.

Thanks <3

This is headstart O_O.
i was just about to post a thread stating exactly this.

WoW can get away with it to some extent because of multiple servers, so if one is full you can still PLAY, just on a new server ><

however since cryptic went the ULTRA CHEAP route and went with one server and a shard based server on top of that, they have total accountability and if this occurs during launch, I personally will not be paying for a product I can't use the moment I wish to use it, my free time is limited after all.

and to those who say "lol bye won't miss ya" understand that this is not an isolated incident, the more people that leave the less enjoyable the game will be for you, trolls excluded but this is hardly a troll post.

by encouraging people with grievances to leave, you will be slowly but surely lowering the quality of content you yourself are attempting to enjoy.