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This is my first MMO, i do love the game, its great..... My wife has just nearly had a heart attack......... I have pre ordered and paid for the game, she has now just seen the subscriptions page and nearly fainted. "You have to pay every month to play this game?" And she Rightly said if you have to pay a monthley fee, then you shouldnt have to pay for the game in the first place. It works out at just over 100 a year, Now i myself am a avid gamer, i have a Gaming PC and laptop, A PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii and consoles and computers going back to The commodore 16/64, Amstrads and Amigas. I spend alot of money buying games and i dont mind paying a small fee for Extra downloadable content, But paying a monthly fee just seems a litte much. unless your one of these people who spend more time in the game than real life....... Just a thought, I am not trolling or hating this game, so please dont flame. Its just my opinion, i will still be playing and i will be paying a monthly fee... just not everymonth. PLEASE KEEP FLAMES TO A MINIMUM!
It is the subscription fee that largely keeps me wary of MMOs. Assuming someone buys the 12-month fee, you're still paying about $170 (about $50 for the box + $120 for the year). I agree with your wife about the not paying for the box. Yeah, it would be exponentially better if the game was free to download, but required the fee to play, but as WoW shows, 11 million people (or however many people are playing now) are willing to shell out 50 dollars for a game and another $120+ dollars yearly to play it.

For STO, on a 12-month subscription, $170 by the end of the first year for a single game that is likely going to have the most problems with it in that first year. On top of that, $170 is a "bargain" that you'd be spending on faith that the game is going to be any good, since the offer for the reduced 12-month fee expires upon release. To me that's like when a movie is released without allowing critics access to advanced screenings. "Good MMOs" charge fees of about $12-15 a month, but so do many bad ones who still have to hope to extract as much money as they can in as short of a time as possible to make a profit.

In the scenario of the crappy movie, it gets released, free from bad reviews in the hopes that people will run out to see it and make most of its profit before the bad reviews can be generated. The fact that the a "cheap" lifetime sub is only offered pre-release makes me wary of purchasing it. If the game is great, then it's a bargain since $240 is like paying less than 24 months worth of playing up front on a game that might have a lifespan of many years. On the other hand, the game could bomb and be met with terrible reviews upon release, but just like the crap movie with no advanced screenings, the developers were able to get a lot of money out of the consumer before the realization that it sucked set it.

IMO, $170-$290 is too expensive to spend on any one game that is anything short of amazing (and few MMOs are IMO). And you'll be paying even more per month if you wait until after February 2nd. $15 a month allows the greatest security for ensuring you never pay for time that goes unused, but to pay for one month at a time comes out to something like $230 after the first year (including the box). I played the open beta. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun, but I don't know if it's so fun that I'd want to pay the price. There are other games (not MMOs) out there that are just as fun that don't require any fee beyond the initial purchase.

Then there's the fact that TOR is about a year away, and with Bioware being on as big of a roll as it is, will surely be met with a bigger player base and better reviews than STO. Knowing that, for me (I don't presume to speak for anybody else) I would feel wrong about spending $170+ dollars for a years worth of playing a game, that I might not touch ever again afterward. It's for that reason that I'm more holding off for reviews of STO before I make a decision to throw money at it. It might be 50 cents a day, or whatever it works out to, but surely I'd rather be charged 50 cents daily then a non-refundable $170 up front when I might feel disappointed after a month or two. I made that mistake with SWG which left me disillusioned with MMOs after spending money on a years subscription up front, only to be plagued with computer failure which prevented me for playing for a large chunk of that time.

/rant on personal feelings about MMOs.