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01-31-2010, 12:27 PM
Indeed. I'm not going to whine about this in the normal sense, but paying a monthly fee for a game where I cannot log in and play when I want too is not really on. Sure, I accept that there are times when the serves crash or are under maintenance but to have to join a queue system to log in to a game which I paid upfront for in terms of the actual download and then a monthly fee is not that really that great. Right now I've been sat at #451 out of 700 for 10 minutes.

I'm hoping that the new servers/nodes aren't actually connected. If they are, then Cryptic need to apply more to allow further log ins.

/edit: I've also bought the lifetime subscription, so I'm hoping that this is just a minor blip otherwise I've already paid Cryptic for a service that is difficult to access when I WANT to play (bar emergency and planned maintenance of course).