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01-31-2010, 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by Lt. Meeber Zloot
So then why not let people know before they buy the game that they will be beta testing the game for a few months. That way they are warned and won't feel ripped off when the game does not work.
That is the bonus content for every mmo ever released.
Granted I remember being outraged when playing EQ and beta testing many things while live. It can suck but it's the nature of the beast. No one not even Blizzard who wipe their asses with 100$ bills can throw enough money at testing to emulate what it will be like live.

In Everquest they weren't bugs they were 'features'
SWG content that was originally planned for launch was not all in game till 12mo later.
WoW servers at launch were as stable as Micheal J Fox on ice.