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With bright primary colours everywhere I cant help but notice it feels more like a children's cartoon
than an in depth MMO. I have been playing EVE online for the past 4 years and I have been spoilt by
dark, moody polished surfaces as well as an open universe free to explore, if you dare! As the Alpha quadrant has fallen into chaos I would have thought it might be less of a cuddly looking place to be. Even when your ship explodes and your crew float into space, don't worry your all back good as new moments later
STO needs punishment for not looking after your ship & crew, without it you lose that thrill when you indeed survive. Is this because the younger players might just give up if it was hard or scary?

We needs space in which to immerse ourselves in, not knowing what you might find as you patrol the unknown, I am thinking it might of been a bad idea to pay the lifetime sub but at least my daughter will enjoy it.....
I wish they had gone for the reality angle rather than the classic seen many times before MMO gameplay.

One final thing.... Was it known before launch that this would be very similar to WOW?... I just see a cryptic game developer with the copy and paste button on a secret mission inside blizzard. If only they had gone to CCP we would have had a huge universe without rules in which to fight and explore.