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01-31-2010, 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by Doublespeak
Now that's funny. Let me guess you've never used an online business application?

Working for a business that has a business database online that our customers use i can tell you this happens not just to MMO's.. We had problems that brought down our system because of an obscure update that a hardware vendor neglected to apply.

Crap happens in these kinds of environments all the time.
Crap like that happens because of incompetence. In your example, the hardware vendor and your own management for not testing the update *was* applied.

Don't dream to think because you allow incompetence in your own business model, all consumers would or should accept it as the norm.

Your acceptability of incompetence is not my level of acceptance nor necessarily the level accepted by others. Your post displays nothing more than a "it will do" attitude.