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01-31-2010, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by sollisb View Post

The blame for all this, whether you like it or not, is me, you and everyone else that pays to play the game. If we all stood up and and said "we're not accepting this anymore" Cryptic and all the rest would go bust and the next company to release an MMO would do things a whole lot better.

As long as the consumer accepts that this is and will be the norm, companies like Cryptic and the rest will continue to milk us.

Amen. You are one of the few poster I have seen willing to admit this. As long as there are gamers and fanbois willing to accept any and everything this will continue. WIll there be issues with new products? Sure, I can live with that. This is not Cryptic's first MMO so the honeymoon ended with City of Heroes. Do i expect this game to be flawless? No. Do i expect to see something as simple as a queue issue? NO.

For thos ready to defend the game and Cryptic don't bother. I'm not upset at the company, i'm simply diaspointed in those who make excuses becuase they have been CONDITIONED by the industry to accept it.