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01-31-2010, 12:51 PM
This game so far has a better up time than wow did when it launched. When wow launched it was plagued with disconnects, extreme lag, Que times, and everything else under the sun.

Now some of the problems was WOW's fault, or the servers fault

But most people forget that the biggest problem was AT&T. At the time AT&T was hosting the servers, and the ISP couldn't handle the workload required to run properly and it lead to a bunch of problems.

Chances are either its the servers that cant handle the load, or the ISP cannot handle the load, one is Cryptics fault...the other is outside their control.

However you must think of it this way. Would you rather have 3 days of smooth gameplay then this happening on launch day? Or give Cryptic time to fix the problem so when launch day comes around this problem will hopefully be resolved?