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01-31-2010, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by Xionanx View Post
It wont..

I'd be surprised if STO ever exceeds 100K ACTUAL subscribers... there really isn't a lot of content in this game, and I suspect most people will be done with it after a month of playing..

I mean, 2 days and I'm 26% through to level cap.. I'll be admiral within a week, and I'm NOT skipping content and I have no desire to PvP for all eternity.
Well, some of us DO have employment and lives outside of STO. I'm sure that will extend it to an extent. But no, STO won't reach a million subscribers if they can't resolve some of these issues. Of course, I have confidence that they WILL be resolved, it's just a matter of when. Unfortunately, if they don't get on the ball before too long the Word of Mouth will spread and reflect quite poorly on the product.