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01-31-2010, 01:01 PM
I'd like to think I've been quite tolerant with this game, i was priviledged to be a beta tester and enjoyed testing the game, the servers etc - however this is a headstart weekend and part of my bonus for spending my money in advance of the game launch is to use this headstart weekend to advance my character

However, with disconnects from server, crashes on zoning, hangs on login and account servers, I am loosing faith in what I have thought up until now to be my next MMO. On the last dump out, I login to find I am queued. Seriously? A queue?? I see some of you have stated these are a reality of an MMO... but in all the MMO's I've played (and there are a lot), I've never had to queue to login.

The lack of response from the dev team is very noticeable and while I still think this is an awesome MMO, I am dreading tuesday!