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01-31-2010, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by DieScream View Post
I don't know why you would. These issues aren't going to last forever, sheesh.
You're right, but it's enough to turn off potential subscribers if not rectified soon. It's also enough to make a lifetime member regret buying a lifetime and just writing it off as a bad investment.

I bought a lifetime in LOTRO, I played it, and didn't like the way the game was going with it's latest expansion. Seeing as how my friends/guild/and the rest of the community most likely bought the expansion, there's no sense in going back except every now and then to say hi. And that's all I do. I log in once a month or so and say Hi, shoot the ****, and then leave. Otherwise I've written it off as a poor investment. (Because ultimately the goal of a lifetime membership is to play the game for MANY yaers....) and I've yet to hit 2 years with mine.