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01-31-2010, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by YoshiSato View Post
Spending $300 on an unfinished product is your own fault.

You wouldn't buy an unbuilt car would you? You wouldn't buy a car would out test driving it would you?
You wouldn't buy a car if it the engine overheated during the test drive would you?
Actually yes, people buy cars sight unseen all the time, it's very common in corporate fleets, so your analogy is flawed. Even if it wasn't, do you think a car manufacturer who accepted orders from people and then sent them undriveable cars would stay in business for long?

I guess they probably would stay in business, actually - there seems to be no shortage of credulous idiots willing not only to pay for this garbage, but who keep on posting excuses and justifications for the company responsible.

There is no excuse. Stop apologising for Cryptic.