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Or - it could be headed the way of World of ******** - as that game had the EXACT SAME type of server issues due to high demand and two months later - WoW was STILL having these issues (see linked article from January 2005 - 2 months after the WoW launch):
The big difference is Blizzard were open and honest about the problems and keeping the players informed. Unless you spend half your time in IRC you would not even know that the latest problems are due to software bugs rather than hardware. This is the kind of thing that should be posted offically on the forums instead.

Also WoW did not just have one server. If you hit a queue you just played on another server, which is not an option for this game.

Also read to the end of the article and you will see that Blizzard compensated everyone who lost game time by adding two free days to their accounts. This was by no means the last time they did this either. I've received about four free days because of server problems.