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01-31-2010, 01:24 PM
Well here is some simply math.

891 people, times 14.99 = 13,356.09 now in the larger picture of money intake from this game. That is a small number but that still is nearly $13.5k that isn't a small amount of money.

So I am just speaking theoretically here and throwing numbers around. BUT! that is 891 people that could go play another game that will let them log in and not have to wait an undetermined amount of time instead of sitting idle wasting their time for this game.

Something maybe the genius @ Cryptic that decided to pull this stunt out of his or her arse should have thought of before implementing.

I realize I am just a nobody and my pittance means nothing to Cryptic. But I am sure there are many that are being turned away by this and that will soon reflect in their figures.