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01-31-2010, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by GnawLF
I am sick and tired of people comparing this thing to WoW. Yeah, no MMO had a super smooth start yet but guess what WoW was 6 years ago. That is plenty of time to learn from the mistakes and errors of WoW. The insult in this case is not that WoW had a queu, but that WE DID NOT HAVE QUEU yesterday. What changed? We are still in the early start and there should not have been an influx of players between yesterday and today. Yes, the servers were behaving strangely yesterday but that is not an excuse to put us through this insane wait. I'd rather lag and share then have to wait for an hour.
Yes you can learn from mistakes...But see you cant really tell how a game is going to run untill its tested to the max its how it works. In theory they could have the code all right and designed perfectly untill its stressed test then bam...they have to fix it....Why do you think every MMO is rough at first. Ill tell you why, Every MMO essential has different coding/engines and such. So really you cant tell how its going to run when the masses hit it. And also do you expect each MMO company to share secrets with each other there coding and what not...No I doubt it. so chill out k.