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01-31-2010, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by KalChoedan View Post
WoW's problems at launch were nowhere near as bad as this. Yes, there was queuing, and yes, there were various bugs and crashes, but nothing on the scale of what we are seeing here. This has been the worst MMO release to date for server stability despite it being one of the most heavily instanced games on the market.

Please stop making excuses for Cryptic's appalling performance. There is no reasonable justification for the game being in this poor a state, it is an absolute disgrace.

Umm wow's release was 9x worse than this. STO already has more uptime than wow did on release. In fact its more stable on uptime than wow had for a couple of months after release. Many people forget on how terrible wow's release was. And yes lots of people complained about it, and it still suffers from those problems....just not as much anymore.

To the OP. You are right this is not beta quality. Beta implies that the game is not finished, you cant complete quests, bad geometry, bad lighting, constant crashing, placeholder items, debug code on screen, ect.

The game itself is finished and polished. However either the servers cannot handle the load, or the ISP that is hosting the servers cannot handle the load. It is something Cryptic needs to fixed before official launch and I hope its resolved soon.