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01-31-2010, 02:31 PM
Hey all,

I know many have qq'd about the server issues, if you don;t want to read about mine please pass on now ( or feel free to flame). I was just talking to my roommate about this game ( we both play) and the issues. He told me how all games have their issues at the start and while true I've never seen one where I have to queue to get in. An anagology would be; I pay for membership at a local gym (haha a gamer in the gym!) and I go Sunday afternoon to workout but there's a line! A guy at the door says, 'Sorry but the firelaw states we're at capacity, you have 41 people ahead of you and you have to wait.' . I don;t know about you all but my time is pretty valueable to me, I would go find a new gym and cancel my membership at the other. Granted the manager may come out and offer me a deal I can't refuse to stay at his gym but, in the long term the next time this happened I would be off for greener pastures.

This being said the gameplay is FUN, the characters are cool and getting into the immersion is great as well. I wish someone from Cryptic would step up and pretend that we are hungry for information. I'd be happy with a, ' We know what the problem is and we expect to get it fixed by tuesday.' or next week or anything. The lack of service and communications on Cryptics part is pathetic. I really want to keep playing and I know my $14 a month probably in the long run won't hurt but if things continue as they have I sure won't be paying the monthly let alone accpeting the fed-ex delivery of the game.