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The skill trees in this game are confusing, to say the least. They force you to dump a bunch of points into Tier 1 before you can get to Tier 2, but don't really tell you the benefits of what you're putting all those points in. I mean, what does the difference between +17 and +18 really do when you put those last two points in a skill?

I've run into some people who thought that you needed to max out a skill at 9 pts to access the next tier's skills. This doesn't appear to be accurate. Some people have mentioned to me that putting 9 points in a skill will unlock special abilities, this also does not seem to be the case for Tier 1 (though it does come in to player in later tiers).

So, my question is, can anyone come up with a reason why maxing a skill out at 9pts is so important? Those last two points only give you an extra +1, (from +17 to +18) so it seems to me that it would be more effective to put those points somewhere else, at least for Tier 1.

After 4pts in a skill, you start to see diminishing returns, after 7pts it's even worse. So, what if you capped everything at 7pts, and had a minimum of 4pts in all Tier 1 skills? Would there be some kind of huge disadvantage to having a build like this for Tier 1 skills?

It seems to me that you'd end up with a more well-rounded character with this approach, at little to no real loss.