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01-31-2010, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by Mamof View Post
They are aware of server issues. They're putting in new hardware and hopefully they'll be getting additional servers again. MMO server stability is always a tricky game of balancing load and availability against the cost of new servers and happy customers. Get to many servers up front and don't have the players to offset your costs and your company can end up in serious trouble. To few servers and customers get upset about crashes and load times and again, resulting in fewer customers and eventually the game burns out.
Not to mention the player load peters off pretty quickly after the first month or two of release. Just because you have 25,000 people trying to get in right now doesn't mean you'll KEEP that many two months down the road. Most of the time developers will accept having 5-10 minute queue times during the first month or so of release if it means they can avoid having their servers all running at 1/4 capacity three months down the road. Queuing is one of the few things Darkfall Online did RIGHT at their launch. Devs want to avoid the Age of Conan scenario, where they buy new servers in a panic to accommodate the launch crowds, only to have 1/2 the playerbase leave the moment the increased capacity goes online and have to contract.