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01-31-2010, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by xylander View Post

Note to the moron: Launch isn't until Tuesday. If you actually thought buying a preorder/pre-release headstart program and actually thought it wouldn't have problems, you are indeed an obligatory moron.

Every MMO has extensive downtime the first 2 months after release. Most of us knew this when we bought the game and signed up for this headstart.

I can only hope that over the next few weeks, as the servers die and are slowly improved, that the moron-base of whiny kids like you will cancel and leave the game a much better place. Do you part for humanity, save some carbon credits by shutting off your PC and go plant a tree today!
You sir are one closed minded person. I dont know how well you read, but I suggest you read your preorder information again, it says you will get to play for 3 days before the launch.

This is no longer a beta, and with only the preorders having access, a server que is rediculous
Flaming people who actually read what they are paying for, instead of expecting it to fail like other launches, should not be your first choice

I read posts like yours and it makes me sad someone with your obvious lvl of inteligence, flaming like a closed minded biggot