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01-31-2010, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by arth150
this game will be epic given time, so fine there are a few very large kinks, this wont last forever, if everyone can just keep calm, go do/play something ellse for the evening, or at least an hour, or 2, perhaps the situation will be resolved shortley.

i for one dispite buying a lifetime subscription am still happy to wait for the food to be fully cooked, so to speak.

if your getting annoyed reguarding the game perhaps Pre-releases, beta isnt for you

flame away, but critic, you do good work, dont let us down

This isn;t a beta, we are no longer on Cryptic 'time' but supposedly the games as it will be for release so we are on our 'time'. This is fairly scary being that the pre-buy people (I'm hoping no ones waiting for it to hit the shelves) are all slamming the server cap and anyone coming in later will add to an already large problem.