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01-31-2010, 01:45 PM
all the fanbois will defend cryptic to the end, but bottom line is this, blizzard has over 10million subscribers at 15$/month and a multi shard server array and there are still queue's. Frankly I dont see the queue's in this game getting any better, only worse. I'm just glad I didn't waste $250 on a lifetime subscription just to sit in a 3 hr queue then 5 min after finally getting through the queue, 'unexpected maint' for 3 hrs, everyday.

sorry but the jury is in on this one and the 'open beta' which wasn't open and frankly marginally operational, has now transformed into a 'headstart' in which downtime has been the norm and now a 1200 person 4 hr queue. Although the 'single shard server' concept and instancing every single aspect of the game, may have looked good on paper, that experiment is now over andn it was a complete failure. Move this to multi server, and get some redundancy in your authentication servers. You cannot run a game like this with single points of failure in the system. at least not for long.

love the game concept, but the lack of resolution of the failures in the foundation of the 'MMO' part of this game is really cutting the legs out from underneath it.