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01-31-2010, 01:47 PM
Sounds like devs are being a bit naughty and using headstart days as stress tests. Ive pre ordered but i dont bother even downloading the client now , learnt my lesson on other mmos. So now i avoid headstarts and early access stuff.
But it does look like they are using you guys to do final stressing of system. Id rather see a queue tho for a game than no players but agree no use ein 3 hour queues to play when you only have a couple of hours to play each evening

WoW had terrible queues are first.
Warhammer had queues on a lot of serverss on launch ( that didnt last :/ )

Itss just the way game admins control stability ( they say) No use in logging in first attempt to get booted from unstable zones etc. Still bloody annoying tho .