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01-31-2010, 01:51 PM
Going with phasers allows you have a wider firing arc, but you sacrifice a lot of damage potential, especially in extended fights. You can recoup some of the loss by picking up a dual phaser or dual disruptor array, which is a harder hitting variant of the beam weapons.

Cannons give you a much much smaller firing arc, but have a significantly better damage potentially, especially in the long run.

Phasers/Disruptors seem appealing at first, but keep in mind that they have a higher energy drain value, and contribute to a net loss in weapon energy production. This is workable if you start at 100+ energy, and never dip below 50 - but as you start dipping below 50, your DPS begins to drop off considerably. The longer you fight with beams, the more your energy will start to fall off. This becomes increasingly problematic the more weapon slots you open up.

I strongly suggest going Dual Heavy Cannon + Dual Cannon + Quantum Torpedo - the energy drop off is insignificant (I have a full weapons power of 111, and I almost never drop below 100), the damage is higher and more consistent, and if you pick up Cannon Rapid Fire, the potential to cut through shields is very high, allowing your Quantums to become active that much faster.

As an aside; turrets are also counted as cannons, and gain benefit from Rapid fire, and Torpedoes do not change their damage value based on Weapons power.