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01-31-2010, 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by Cortechs View Post
If you are really upset that Klingons will not decloak do the following and I guarantee they will uncloak:

- take your little ship and fly at least 20km from the fedball
- stop and wait

There, see that? They uncloaked.

If you keep doing that the match will be over before you know it and you can continue getting XP.

I think we should petition that feds should not be allowed to all stay within 10km of each other for longer than 2 minutes or they automatically lose. They are obviously just balling it up to grief the Klingon players since they know the klingon ships are not designed for ball versus ball gameplay. They should split up.
This post makes about as much sense as the OPs.

I have not seen cloak being abused so far and i play a lot of PvP, sure Klinks have to wait for the team to fill but as many people have said this would be fixed if they added the wait to the beginning of the match and not the end of it.

And i agree one hundred percent with Meat they need to fix the queues and give PvP more objectives.