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01-31-2010, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by Ceilican View Post
I am curious, not trolling, seriously asking as I know CO didnt' have one but I wasn't part of Beta/Head Start of say WOW, SWG, EQ/EQ2, ****, ***, LoTR etc?
Lots of games have ques they only show up when alot of people are playing them all at the same time. WoW had 30 minute ques. Even with the ques when world pvp would happen entire continents would crash.

This game has a complicated server system with 1 virtual machine for every 50 or so people so with 250k concurrent users that makes 5,000 virtual machines. It takes them 2 hours just to restart them all. So yes a que is a great idea if it leads to fewer crashes. And they arn't the first to do it.