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Ok its was beta, ok it was headstart ok you needed new hardware ok it was so called "overwhelming" rush BUT from what we experience here it may be the time to reconsider if you are really capable of running a one and only shard game?

I only know a few games which are running smoothly with 1 shard. To be honest i just knew EVE when it comes to a game with reasonable costumers.

AO was also one of them but has added more shards over time.

It is difficult, you need experience, good hardware and a capable soft and hardware. I think you lack at least in one or more of these points.

Its a shiny little badge yeah to come out with a one shard only strategy, ppl will mention it the press will talk about it BUT you failed great until now.

I was on AO start its was bad but not that bad. Zones crashed but the servers doesnt went down for hours day after day. EVE was also a rough beta and start. But NEVER this awful.

Every game launch is a pain but if there are major issues maybe you should reconsider your 1 shard for all strategy even if it would be cool. This here is NOT cool at all ...