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01-31-2010, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by sparkeh86 View Post
I just got disconnected during PvP and then straight back into a queue.

I really hope those of us who have paid for a lifetime sub get priority in these queues considoring how much more we have put towards the game.

In fact I really hope they use the money we have spent buying the lifetime to get some more clusters and whatnot so noone has to queue at all... This is ridiculous.

The best part of the queue is that im not going any closer to getting in but its getting longe and longer.
That would be so cool, except after a certain point you will no longer be supporting the game, at that point will you be given less priority than those that are still paying?

Honestly you payed the extra to be a borg not get perks over other players like oh getting into the game faster.