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01-31-2010, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by Sir_James_of_Cadiz
is it just me or do dual phaser banks seem weak?
maybe since im not getting/using the "beam overload" skill they seem this way...
ths i dont use them

i go for what a lot suggested here. ya just have to try things.
but at least you have a starting ground now.
beam: overload completely kills your attack power for ALL energy weapons, only use it when you absolutely MUST score a kill.

edit: **** smilies

Originally Posted by M4triX
Don't clarify on this one! I would like to always be able to grab the lewts at fleet actions while everybody is listening to false prophets
I grab first place in fleet actions all the time (at least I did before open beta wiped my character), with guess what... arrays and dual cannons and torps