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01-31-2010, 02:05 PM
While I can appreciate a que system, I also must say I can only appreciate a reasonable one. After purchasing the pre-order for head start privelage then also dropping the cash to become a lifetime member I have to say this que is a little troubling. 1751/1751 is my position in que now during head start.....10 minutes later I am 1544/1783 in headstart. What will these numbers and wait time soar to in full retail? It's looking like I bought a lifetime subscription to sit in a que for endless hours. And once I get into game I might get an hour in before being booted due to a server crash...

All I ask is PLEASE CRYPTIC, give us some release notes, let us know what's going on, what is planned, give us something to look forward to even if involves a longer maintenance cycle than we want to hear about. Any news is better than no news.