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Hi guys and girls,

Lets take a moment to rationalize the current situation in regard to the pages and pages of anti cryptic threads and frustration towards the online game that's been open for less then 3 days now.

I've come across a few frequent comments that everyone seems to incorrectly agree with.
The server is full and busy and everyone's instant comment (comment #1).... "buy a new server! buy better hardware"

Maybe they are going to buy more servers and expand on their architecture. If they do, they can't click their fingers and make a server appear, it has to be ordered, integrated into the network, then attach it to the network as a stable node and hope it works straight away. Designing and maintaining a network of computers to handle high traffic is difficult and takes time. I saw someone suggest redesigning the network architecture.... you want the game to be taken down for weeks to redesign, rebuild, retest a new system architecture? Lots of time, not just a few hours, it takes days (sometimes weeks) to tweak a system and its database to be responsive and stable. It takes more time to ensure that the system passes many stress tests. And guess what, you can't change a server while its running, that's why its taken offline to make the changes. You want the system to stop crashing, but you want to play too. Can't have both. Its gotta be taken down and limited until they get the full system stable.

frequent comment #2 - "You under estimated the traffic. cryptic. you soo dumb... "
The only way to properly stress test a system is to open the doors to the hundreds of people. You can't predict server traffic or the behavior of the system. If you know anything about servers and network maintenance then you'll understand the difficulties and have probably not complained. If you don't know anything about systems (and have complained) then perhaps you should reconsider your attitude since you don't really know what you're talking about. If I were in a restaurant and complained the food was bad. great... I didn't like it. I'm not a cook so I'm not gonna suggest how it should be cooked better. I'm pretty sure the Chef would tell me to leave.

comment #3 - "Why isn't there a backup"
Why have a backup of a system that is still under development? You want to be left in a buggy system that crashes while they give all their attention to another system? You'll then complain of being neglected. You already complain that they don't communicate which leads me onto comment #4

comment #4 - "We never hear anything from Cryptic"
Would you like a cycle of messages from cryptic that says "its fixed... enjoy" ... "oh... problem, system down"
"but you said it was fixed.. grrr flame... anger"
"ok sorry, back up" ... "oh, down"... "up","down"

Don't you think its better to let them work on the system and come back later when they're happy to say.. "alright... I think we're good now, thanks for bearing with us."

comment #5 "This is one of the worst launches"
It's also one of the largest launches, with a large player base and a large system. When Eve came out it wasn't as big as it is now, same goes for WoW and that's to name but two. There's a lot in this system. WoW is only on the ground... Eve is ONLY in space. This game integrates both, that's two different control systems and graphical systems.

And as for comments related to "Cryptic should have planned for more, should have overestimated the traffic" and comments like that... What do you know of their budget? What do you know what they can or can't do at this stage. Maybe they are using the lifetime subscriptions to build more servers? Bottom line is, they prepared the best they could. Every software company does.

I'm not brown nosing cryptic guys. I test software and I test networks so I know what its like. be patient, stop posting ignorant comments that just poor more bad karma onto the forums. Give it some thought before you post and think about what I said at a technical level.

Personal comment:
These problems are to be expected anything different is naive on the players part, not Cryptic's part. I hope cryptic uses this time (and I know that's what they're doing) to get the system into a scenario that can deal with the traffic come release date). and we all better hope they get it fixed because if they don't, they run the risk of bad rep in the magazines, which means a possible reduction of peeps playing, which could mean less attention to the game (based on profit), and so that means, less patches, upgrades and future development. So for gods sake people, put up with the delays. there's another weekend next week, and the week after that.

And as a small warning (as in, don't say you weren't warned) the system may be stabilised by Tuesday, (maybe) but if its not. 2-2-2010 American non pre-order joins the pool. On the 5-2-2010, the European crowd joins the pool and then the following weekends after that more will trickle in. So expect more delays and changes to the system to compensate for it. Remember... its not possible to predict the behaviour of thousands of people on the system. No automated software can do it, only us. So be happy you're a statistic that helps fix the system, be even more happy that they're working (probably around the clock) to fix these issues. Oh, and don't forget, the people fixing these servers have families and lives to go home to after work too. So give them a break.