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I was on open beta, and the headstard showed up, i clap my hands for dev team for the mirecle that they did solving so many bugs (ob was a fail... devs made a very wrong decision to open a game with a less than a quarter ready).

I Brought my pre order and my bet was that when all those free ob keys and hardware upgrade anounced will solve AT LEAST the down time and disconecting issues.... but... now... in more than 48 houers of heasd start I was barely able to play 8 or 10 due maintenance, "unexpected" server down... and lots of "server not responding" and log off...

today i played 40 minutes, muy char got stuck on any stance doing reapetable moves with the weapon... no GM response... tryed log out the in and fall in "we´re sorry, but the game server is full and you are in (actually) position 1236 out of 1880, players waiting to play a PAID game?

please we need another miracle.