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My obsession to try and find a non-fantasy MMO has again lead to try out another game.

It was actually the recommendation of a few players I know from other games that made my pull the trigger on trying it out.
Now I am aware there is a big lag, and queue, and server stability issues, and things of that nature going on. I played beta wow, and release. That part is not going to matter to me as long as when the game is functioning that it is actually fun to play.

All that said, here is what I am shooting for.

Want to fly a defiant class ship, have it deal high end damage. I understand their shields are not all that great. For balance issues that is fine with me. I wanted to fight in it with more of a hit and run strategy anyways.

I played auto assault and from what I can tell the "aiming" seems to have taken some cues from that game. I played CO and from what I have seen the target with camera instead of tab targeting seems to be in working order also. Both pretty nice things to see as I thought those were nice aspects of both of those games.

I have quite a long wait on DLing the game so just want to get info on how to efficiently play and where I might want to spend points early on for the goal of I guess being a tactical ship combatant.

I really don't know hardly anything bout the away team part, and I am not overly into that aspect anyways. If it's fun that's cool, if it's a means to an end to get upgrades for your ship or something like that. That is fine too, just want to learn what I can.