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01-31-2010, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by Grubnar View Post
Well, it depends on your playstyle.

In the beta my first escort had the following weapons:

1. Forward mounted phaser.
2. Forward mounted cannons
3. Forward mounted torpedo launcher.
4. Rear mounted phaser.

This was because I found this really god cannons with a very wide angle of attack so I could unload both phasers and the cannons on my enemys while circeling them.

If you like to do "strafing runs" more, then you may want to replace the rear phasers with a turret, it wont do as much damage but it will be able to fire forward, so it balances out.

Also, one player I did a few missions with swore by ALL forward facing cannons and a mine launcher in the rear. You would be able to do very high "burst" damage but against enemy battleships it would take forever to kill them without torpedos.

Edit: Looks like Dalnar beat me to it! But I forgot to mention this was on the Federation side, my Klingon Bird of Prey was a whole different animal.
there is no such thing as a wide firing arc cannon.