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01-31-2010, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by Kassidus View Post
From me.

For all the people who are demanding and complaining.
Think about this.

There are clearly more people interested in this game than they expected.
They are working hard to fix these issue.
They DO NOT want people to be stuck in queues
They WANT lots and lots of people happy and playing
They are likely more furstrated than you are
They DONT hate you
And this is not all intentional

Wether you beleive any of this or not is irrelevant
because its true and if only for 1 reason money.

So you can be assured these issues will get fixed asap.
so stfu and relaxe
When you buy the rights to create an MMO for a huge IP like Star Trek, you oughtta be prepared. Jesus, it's not like this a whole new genre of game, or even Cryptics first title. I have a feeling this game will run out of customers faster than the apologists will run out of excuses for its mismanagement.