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01-31-2010, 02:24 PM
To also point's not like pre-order was a big secret or anything. So, you want to play the game early all you had to do was download it form some site and pay the subscription fee to play? The release date is not on Tuesday, it was last week! Sure some people will go by it in stores but for the most port this by an early release game online was great! So everyone in their brother wish a credit card of some kind went out and bought the game.

Cryptic was not ready for what they thought was a cool idea and got swamped by users. Was is a mistake on their part? Yep. Do they feel bad about it? Probably. Are they going to fix it? Sure. Will it be in the next five minutes? Nope. You just don't plug a box in the wall and then it works and everyone is happy. They rushed the game, made a sloppy product and are not trying to fix to problem with will take time and test your patience. It's testing mine but I have homework to keep me occupied while I wait to play.

Basically, this que does not surprise me at all...and it's going to get worse.