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01-31-2010, 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by 6Dragon6 View Post
Ok i hope this Login Queue is going to be fixed or you will lose people because of it. Queues do not go well with MMOs if you saw that in a MMO they had it fixed **** fixed it WOW fixed it, if im paying for a game i want to play it when ever i feel like it so hope they make the server bigger or get another one.
whell i have readit know tons of things .... and postet some bul**** ... and after this read the forums for 2 houers while im waiting in que ( that is now over 2000 players long)

i dint realize what the problem is .... but to explain it to you

the first thing is ... there are more players as they expectet it like it looks .... but this is not the probelem

the mayor problem is the proxy server ( and from my noobish projekt for writing my own 2 retro game in c# i know this) it is extremly hard to write somthing perfekt ...whe until know the bugs in the head start has been realy painles beside they having proxy overload ... and that is the biggest problem .. peapol geting kickt out of the game , losing conection or waiting houers in a borwing queue. the hardes thing to write is proxy software for the game because it is the haviest loadet point in the hole game and beside from gigabites of ussles information that is going troug the proxy server ( like what its happenig in the game and what you see) its hard to pinpoint where the problem is ... thing of that .. you look in a book that has 1'000'000'000'000 side's and try to finde 1 specific word that isnt to be there and then rewrite the hole ting to fix it .... it takes time and many down times ... this is maybe also one reason why whe had now every day a unexpektet downtime

hope i explaint it a bit to you what the problem is

whel it will be fixt very soon ( it might take a week or 2 but after that you have years without that problem)