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# 8 The Original Series FTW
01-31-2010, 02:35 PM
I like TOS the most. I know you don't want the best Captain but in my opinion Kirk was the best. He used intelligence, emotion, and instinct. By far one of the best Captains. The right hand man, Spock, may not have been smarter than say an android but he was my favorite First Officer due to that purely logical and yet still half human and possibly too stubborn to admit he does have some emotion even though he claims not too, attitude. Bones was a great doctor and encompassed passion and tough love. Better than any of the doctors as not only an actor but as his character. I always thought Scotty was a great engineer because he always took an unbelievable request and made it happen. He pushed the Enterprise to its extreme and then some and his accent was one of a kind. I always thought Uhura was sexy. Chekov and Sulu were great too ... my least favorite of the crew but still great.

So I rank the Star Treks as such:

1. TOS and all the movies (1-10)
2. TNG
3. Enterprise
4. DS9
5. Voyager
6. The Animated Series <-- Some of you forgot about this one!

I honestly liked ALL the series of Star Trek but if I had to rank them, this is how they'd go. Thanks!