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01-31-2010, 03:36 PM
I hope they are maxed out, makes it easier for their technical department to get more funding for new servers....

I just wish people would understand that not everthing is as black and white as they seem to think.

I have played every MMO i ahve come across, and login problems are always there in the beginning...

The reason is simple.

When you make a budget to manufacture a on-line game, you set a goal of subs, then you buy servers to handle that amount.

If there is a 300% increase in subs from the budget, guess what!????? we get a login Q. Which was implemented towards the end of beta, in response to all of us on the forums that wanted something like that implemented instead of the Server is full, now bugger off and try again later message.

But they will get new servers, it will be fixed...

And all MMO has the same problem..

Once more i will write this:

Blizzard had a goal of getting 200,000 paying subs.... that was the goal for WoW. They had massive problems with logins, even though they used multiple virtual servers instead.... They had to get people to move from servers to a new server, just to limit the amount of Q's happening... i remember sitting for 3 hours waiting to get in...

It happens, so take your medication and relax a little.....

PS: this was not directed to OP, but just a general note.