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01-31-2010, 02:38 PM
im waiting to make my real character till i get my pre-order items, im just tinkering around in headstart really, and formed the fleet with my friends and group from ****. but i dont want to play too much only to have to start over again to get my joined trill, my starship, and other pre-order items. so im just taking it easy, playing abit of the games from steams bargin bin till tuesday and poping in sto off and on for missions, wont hurt to collect money and items for my real character^^ but come tuesday, i play more seriously.

and i do admit, i expected alot of the server population problems to be gone for headstart as beta got pretty stable i thought. still some bugs and issues but nothing serious on my end. but now we have worse server population problems then before. so im rather surprised, maybe abit annoyed but as i said above, im not playing seriously atm so maybe why it doesnt bother me as much.

but yes, ive grown abit used to some things. and that maybe bad in some ways, but it also helps make things abit easier to take when problems like this come up.

but Nagus, my post was more of a curiosity complaint then a complaint about complainers :O

Originally Posted by Ripcurl
If everyone is so happy with the game, why is it they're here complaining about the complainers, when they could be playing the game instead?

I am happy with my lifetime purchase, but I am not happy to have to sit in a 2000 person queue when there is only 1 single server to attempt to login to. They clearly need to rethink the single server setup that isn't working for a more popular game then they are used to dealing with. The "rush delivery" excuse for new hardware was already used in open beta, if they didn't learn from OB and order extra servers for standby, then people have a right to be PO'd.