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01-31-2010, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by BRHsDad View Post
Being a sci-fi guy, I am really excited 'bout STO. Yet I'm hesitant when it comes to buying games with popular brand names. The powers that be tend to make them cheaply and survive off the name(for the exception of LOTRO, I can't think of one that held my interest.

I chickened out when SWG released for that reason. I've tried COH and WOW, but although they were enjoyable, they didn't hold my interest. I was in need of a brand name(a little familiarity).

Then I gambled on LOTRO. I just love it and have regreted not being there for the release with everyone else. Even though the content is updated it was never my kind of theme.

From the looks of the video previews, I STO looks like something I've been lookin' for. Although the lack of crafting makes me sad, I'm willing to overlook it for some good old'fashioned space battles.

Not having been involved in the beta, can someone give me some good expieriences with the game?
No negativity please(I've read enough of those)
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