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From Wikipedia:
"The title of the episode comes from one of the metaphors Dathon uses: "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra." In origin, this refers to the situation in which heroes must learn to trust each other so that they may work together to defeat a common foe. However, the phrase also speaks to the Tamarian's beliefs about captivity, combat, and relationships, as the phrase seems to imply by itself the inevitable forging of meaningful, positive ties between emissaries, should they also be comrades in a violent struggle."

This is the philosophy of DJT, the official fleet of The STOaway Team, a podcast dedicated to the STOverse and all its awesomeness. Now accepting new recruits! Our goal is to be the Alea Iacta Est of STO:
  • Large Number of Members
  • Supportive of Fellow Fleet Members, Beyond Expectations
  • Mature and Responsible Members
  • Organized Events
  • Primary focus on PvE but supportive of PvP

Come find @RurouniQ or @mykalson in game and we will get you enrolled!