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01-31-2010, 02:50 PM
best crew...

1. DS9 by far the Best, You can't beat Quark, either Dax, Odo, and you get the best of TNG, Worf, and the Chief (5)

2. Enterprise, Most hated ST of all, Coolest Crew, 3erd Hottest Female (the Dax's both beat her)(4)

3. Voyager, Tom Paris wins it...and of course 7of9...(3)

4. TOS, still a classic esp since Sulu is Gay and Spock is Jewish...(2)

5. TNG, if it wasn't for Number One waddling around like he owned the show, I would have given a better position, but then i would have taken off for Wesley,... really the only good Crew was Data, Geordi, and Worf (1)


now if we Included Captains the list would be very different

Captians List x2

1. James T. Kirk (10)
2. Jean-Luc Picard (8)
3. Benjamin Sisko (6)
4. Kathryn Janeway (4)
5. Jonathan Archer (2)


Corrected list
(crew)+(captain x 2)

capt crew
1. TOS 10 2 12
2. DS9 6 5 11
3. TNG 8 19
4. VOY 4 3 7
5. ENT 2 4 6

the ST:Cartoon doesn't count only because it is Included with TOS...How ever I will point out they replaced a couple of Bridge officers with Aliens, to include the much loved Lieutenant M'Ress Species Caitian so it gets an Honorable mention but not a full place.