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01-31-2010, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by xRedemption View Post
And just a random fact for all those whingers, a games programmer alone can be doing in excess of 100hrs a week during the final phase of a games release and during the first few weeks of a games launch so whilst your sat at home with family, friends or just in your own enviroment complaining and *****ing, just think of the devs who are sat at work during all hours trying to get this game working for you.

So please just shut up
-------they are not doing 100+ hrs per week for free and if they are they deserve the complaints ---- if they are devoted enough to be at work pushing out a game to keep their job secure "BRAVO" for them especially in this economy --- there said something nice---- now if cryptic can please just fix the dmn thing so no one can complain anymore that would fix the gripping problem