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01-31-2010, 03:54 PM
I'm not regretting the Lifetime sub. I've also been able to play quite a bit during this early access period. There were a few hours of downtime yesterday afternoon, but I played for six hours with nary a hitch last night. I've seen only a few minor bugs here and there as well. Other people in my fleet were complaining of horrible rubber-banding, but my game was pretty smooth.

I will be happy when the server capacity is higher. I would like for everyone to have an experience like mine has been with this game.

For those who say they need to complain: I can understand a few threads pointing out a problem (server capacity), but do there need to be 50 of them? Do you think Cryptic is unaware of the problem? Would you rather have them address the problem or spend all day talking about it in the forums?

One last note: No one paid extra for early access. It is a bonus for preordering the game. You can't really complain about not getting what you've paid for until Tuesday.