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01-31-2010, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Sulda View Post
I was sitting and waiting for a map to load and got DC'd. I tried to log back in and I was over 2000 in the queue.

Since you guys have tried to look to WoW in a lot of ways for a model on how to do things, perhaps you could take one from their book on how the queue works.

If you are DC'd then you have a grace period to log back in without going through the queue. This helps keep people happy who are already logged in and get DC'd because, well, DC happens. Nobody likes to be in the middle of a mission, get DC'd and then be told you have to wait for 2000+ other people to login.

Just constructive criticism on a better way to do the login queue.
That's probably one of the better suggestions I've seen. Wife and I were disconnected zoning to a new system, now we're in a queue that does not appear to be moving at all.