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# 1 Devs hiding?
01-31-2010, 02:56 PM
I can't help notice that in the past 4-5hours there hasn't been a single dev or GM post, it almost feels like the rats are abanadoning the sinking ship.

You can flame all you want, but considering it was supposed to be a "headstart" program and not unexpected downtime 90% of the itme you do wonder how tuesday will even fair out.

Also, no its not my first MMO, and I've been in far worse, but this does somewhat take the **** take now.

I'll give you example, there was 592 zones on Friday evening, averageof 41 players were zone, that is 24,272 players, playing at the same time, and the server was crippled.

Ok, so just over 24,000 people were in the headstart, and the server cannot cope with that load, there is also now a queue to get in.

....Now tuesday, everyone who is a star trek fan and knows about STO will be able to get there copy, that number of 24,000 is likely to reach 240,000 minimal, how in the hell are the servers going to cope with that if they cannot even cope with a mere 24,000?

Its not merely about, oh its downtime, its about the fact they introduced a patch prior to open beta ending by 3days and the servers broke themselves then, constantly, now that issue persists, 5+days later after OB has finished.

What does it even say now as to what we are to experience at launch? There wasn't anything wrong to the patch in open beta was introduced, the server was fine, now they are broke and overloaded and incapable.

I ponder the question that the break even margin was met by the life timer subs and now this is the kind of experience we are going to get from now on.