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01-31-2010, 04:08 PM
"Thanks guys! The headstart is GREAT!

We got about 704,231,335 more people than we expected so we ordered 1 more server so we can increase capacity to 6 people per instance!

Due to the high demand and unbelievable pre-order sales we placed a rush on this order and expect it sometime before 2012. Keep sitting in the que like sheep, and you lifetimers can totally shutup now, we have your money, so nothing you say makes the slightest bit of difference to us anymore.

It has been a drunken festival the last 2 weeks here at Cryptic, in between mismanaging our budget and losing 1/2 the code for the crafting system we sure have ****ed quite a bit up. But have no fear, I am almost drunk enough to remember where I lost it at.

I was just informed that as you requested, Autofire has been removed from the game totally and the que number you receive while logging in is actually a minute count until we **** your bank account like an episode of law and order. What are the odds on that happening?!?! You will also need to push your space button and F key 4 times to trigger any effects, this is a known bug. but look on the bright side, Bridge officers can now have pet kittens! We are very excited about this feature, and encourage you to spend the paltry sum of $12.50 for your own personal BO Kitty! (one time use, no refunds, $12.50 item cost does not reflect $245.00 cryptic service charge)

Thanks for making me work this weekend you sheep-like idiots. I'm going to nerf the pre-order borg and trill just out of spite.

I worked on world of ******** once about 23 years ago, you should thank god I even decided to make another game. You tools.

Drunk when I wrote this,
Rill Boper.
There, I took their upcoming response that will never get posted and restored it to its future truthful glory.